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• All Natural • Gluten Free • No High Fructose Corn Syrup • 

Welcome to Grill Side Barbeque.  If you like barbeque, you'll  love Grill Side Barbeque Sauce.  After years of researching and testing several different
flavors of Kansas City Barbeque, Grill Side was born.  The recipe
represents the best of Kansas City. Grill Side started as a homemade sauce
 for family gatherings.  When demand for the special sauce became overwhelming, it was time to go public. The full bottle of flavor is all natural and made with
high quality ingredients.
Grill Side is great on meat, vegetables or anything that needs some zing!

2013 National Barbecue Association

BBQ Sauce • Vinegar Spicy
3rd Place • Hometown Hot

2012 American Royal

Sauce Contest • Tomato Hot
2nd Place • Grill Side Downtown Heat

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• KC Parent Magazine - May 2012 •
Reprinted Courtesy of KC Parent Magazine
"Super Moms"  •   KC Parent Cover

Wilton Armetale Press Release • 
"Wilton Armetale Partners with Award Winning Barbeque Chef "

• 435 South Magazine - "Life in the Sauce Lane" 
Reprinted Courtesy of 435 South Magazine

• Tailgater Monthly - March / April 2012 •
Reprinted Courtesy of Tailgater Monthly
Tailgater Monthly Cover  •  Page 50

• Tailgater Monthly - January / February 2013 •
Reprinted Courtesy of Tailgater Monthly
Tailgater Monthly Cover  •  Page 43

• 2011 Awards •


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